BACH STYLE: The best Bachelor dresses so far aren’t even dresses at all.

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Bach fans, we’re calling it.

Out of all the putrid dramatic dresses of The Bachelor premiere, the best ones were in fact not even dresses at all.

Rather than suffer through the constraints and general sweatiness of a tight or ill-fitting dress, this season’s Bachelorettes went with a far more comfortable and practical look for Wednesday night’s premiere.

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Be gone hideous, suffocating, thigh chafe-inducing cocktail dresses of mansions past.


DAMN. (Image: Ten)

Practical, stylish and comfy AF, four of the Bachelorettes opted for different variations of this modern evening wear alternative.


While the structured shoulders and cape on Lisa's red number gave us major boss lady vibes, we could 100 per cent see ourselves frolicking around at a barbecue in Tara's floaty version.

And Laura and Akoulina both took cropped two piece versions of the wearable trend out for a spin. Literally. Akoulina literally did back flips and twirls, which just goes to show you can't keep a girl in a pantsuit down.

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But just before we run out and buy fifty variations of pantsuits, we have a few practical questions...

Like, are they actually comfy? What about when they ride up, how do you avoid the dreaded camel toe situation? And what about when you have to go to the bathroom?

Surely with the amount of, erm, beverages the Bachelorettes are forced to consume they'd be running to the loo every five minutes, right? How does one get through that?

In any case, we'll be giving this look a whirl at our next black tie event... or at the very least, tonight on the couch.

What was your favourite look from The Bachelor premiere?