Australia just fell in love with The Bachelor's Olena and it's not hard to see why.


Sorry Richie, but the girls of the Bachelor mansion (and the rest of Australia) have a new crush, and it’s not you.

I’ll give you a clue: it starts with “O” and ends with “lena please give us a chance, our hair is better, our perfume is nicer and we could definitely break into an infinity pool.”

Last night, we saw the first of Richie's dates and it was the SURPRISE single date (which included a sexy motorbike ride with an overdose of leather) that had Australia talking.

Yep, Richie attempted to woo the mysterious Olena, and now we're all in love.

Australia's new girlfriend, Olena. Image via Instagram.

The girl - who says she "attacks with the eyes" to win a man's heart - is drop dead gorgeous.

We wanted to poke fun of her - we did - but we can't. She's too damn good.

Video via Network 10

While she enjoyed a romantic picnic with Richie, before being given a personal tour of his Bach Pad and having a quick dip in his Bach Pool (not a euphamism, we swear) all we could think was: "OMG, could that girl be any more beautiful?"


And we weren't alone.


Yes, a few MM staffers could be overheard squealing in delight every time Olena graced our screens.

"Argh, she's SO beautiful."

"The other ladies need to SUB OUT. It's done."

HOW IS THIS FAIR!? Image via Instagram.

But the best thing about Olena? She wasn't afraid to ask Richie the tough questions.

Bach Chat is back! Here's the lowdown on the first episode of The Bachelor 2016:

Instead of using her time to "impress Richie", Olena sat back and let Richie do the talking and answer some tough questions about his personal life.

"Why isn't your dad in the picture?" she asked, before asking him whether he wanted kids. This girl wasn't mucking around.

Olena knows that time is of the essence when it comes to winning Bachie's heart, and every minute with Richie needs to count.

No date is complete without a dip in the pool, right? Image via Network 10.

And after last night's performance, we're pretty confident she isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

We may have even started brainstorming Richie and Olena's future kids' names. Richena and Olichie are currently at the top of the list, FYI.

Here's hoping Olena gets awarded ALL OF THE ROSES so we can listen to her soothing voice and look into her piercing eyes for weeks to come.

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