We just met the first three bachelorettes for 2015.

Dressed in a long and sparkly black dress, the stunning brunette meets the dashing tuxedo-clad man for the first time.

And then:

“Seriously, dude… Can I call you dude? Is that weird?” the woman said.

“No. I can handle ‘dude’,” the man replied.

Meet 29-year-old Heather – the beautiful and kooky filmmaker from New South Wales who has been revealed as one of the ladies competing to win the heart of The Bachelor’s Sam Wood in the 2015 lovefest.

Bachelorette #1 Heather (Via Instagram)

And the new bachelorettes are a quirky bunch.

The bevy of beautiful women, who were announced last weekend as the 2015 The Bachelor contestants, range from 24 to 34 years old and are going to have the most unique dinner conversations ever if their jobs are anything to go by - a vet, an account manager, a charity worker and a teacher all made the cut for the show.

Bachelor Sam Wood is going to have 19 women competing for his affections. (Via Facebook).

In the sneak peek of the reality TV dating show, Heather quickly captures Sam’s attention with her quick wit, easy charm and “superhero banter”.

“I am a real Aussie girl. I am not afraid to take a risk and will just get in there. I hope he makes me laugh as much as I want to make him smile,” Heather told Channel Ten when asked how she was going to stand out from the 18 other contestants.

Heather, 29, has already captured Sam's attention. (Via Instagram)

The second bachelorette is Victorian account manager Tessa.

The 33-year-old told Channel Ten she went on The Bachelor because she needed a bit of help in the dating game.

“I am really happy and I would like to meet someone. I have nothing to lose, so it was really a case of 'Why not?',” she said.

“And I clearly have not been very successful trying to date on my own."

Bachelorette #2 Tessa (Via Channel Ten)

Sandra, a plucky P.E. teacher from Victoria, said she decided to go on the reality TV show because she was looking for The One.

“I want to know what it’s like to feel like you cannot live without your 'other half’,” the energetic 27-year-old told Channel Ten.

“I have lived and worked overseas and I have met a lot of interesting people in the most beautiful places around the world and still no Prince.”

Bachelorette #3 Sandra (Via Instagram)

Sam, who runs his own Melbourne-based health and fitness company for children, said he was a bit nervous about the moment he gets to finally meet the girls.

“Meeting all the girls for the first time is without doubt going to be a bit daunting,” the 34-year-old personal trainer from Tasmania told Channel Ten.

What do you think of the first three contestants on The Bachelor?

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