The Autism Advisory and Support Service





The Autism Advisory and Support Service (AASS) was founded by Grace Fava in 2007. Together with a wonderful group of parents of children with Autism from SW Sydney , they set out to fill the void in the health care sector encountered by families of children with Autism. AASS was initially established as a network support system to empower children with Autism and their families and create positive enviroment in the childs social and emotional development.
AASS is a not for profit charity run by volunteers, and relies on funding grants, donations and sponsorships to meet its operational costs. Despite the financial strain of not receiving any recurrent government funding, AASS has grown in size since its inception and has increased its range of service to assist families Australia wide, and even families from around the world and families affected by other disabilities. AASS handles approximately 200 calls per month from families and service providers of children and adults with Autism. Services they provide include but are not limited to:

  • Unbiased telephone guidance and support to newly diagnosed families or those battling transitions between services.
  • Therapy play area and sensory garden at our office, AASS House located in Liverpool.
  • Reference and toy library.
  • Australias only 24 hour Autism Hotline which is manned by volunteer parents around Australia. Through the hotline we receive an average of 100 calls per month from families and service providers in crisis or simply looking for assistance where they know they will receive it.
  • Individual advocacy for families who have no case management, respite or children who arfe suspended and expelled from schools due to their Autism.
  • A number of parent support groups in a variety of languages.
  • A social group for young adults with Autism, combining them with neuro typical peers and mentors
  • A partnership with UWS Campbelltown school of medicine so the 3rd year med students can learn the reality of Autism and how individual each case is.
  • Lobby the Government to ensure policy reflects the needs of families.

We do all this at no charge or a minimal fee to families. Your support and generosity is sincerely appreciated.


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