The eight best things about having kids that nobody tells you.

As someone that had ZERO experience with kids before having our first (and now being in the deep-end with two kids 17 months apart) many things about having children have come as a shock to me.

When you’re pregnant, your friends don’t really warn you about what’s to come. They say “oh wow that’s amazing”, “look forward to no sleep” or “are you ready for your life to change” – but no one goes into specifics.

While I thought I’d love my kids with all my heart, of course, I wasn’t quite prepared for the full extent of that.

As a whole we mums and dads can fall into a rut of focusing on the negative. There can be a lot of bad stories out there, particularly in the media. Yes, the realities of being responsible for little human lives is confronting, heartbreaking, exhausting and overwhelming but let’s focus on the positives.

The little things.

Seeing them grow, develop, achieve milestones and become their own little person is just beautiful.

Babies playing. Image via iStock.

They’re kinda useful.

Once they reach a certain age, they actually become a bit useful and on occasion the tables are turned – you get looked after. You can ask them to grab something for you and they will. They can help out with their brother or sister. It’s brilliant.

They know just when you need a lift.


When you’ve had the worst day ever, and a string of things have gone wrong, no matter whether they’re a wee babe or a tantrum throwing toddler, they seem to just know. In their own way, they’ll make you feel better – with a cuddle, a sweet gurgle, a kiss or some crazy behaviour that makes you laugh until you’re blue in the face. Awwwww.

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Is there anything sweeter than baby cuddles? Image via iStock.

They become your best friends.

You’re as thick as thieves. There is no one that knows them better, and vice versa. Your bond is something that will conquer anything.

Each sex brings different things.

The bond between a father and son, or a mother and daughter is different to the bond between mother and son, and father and daughter. These bonds are unique in their own special way. When I’m older, I know my daughter will take me for a pedicure and a coffee. And I’ll be that crazy soccer mum standing on the sidelines cheering our little man on. I can’t wait for those days.

They accept you no matter what.

Snotty and wrinkly, tired eyes, baggy milk stained trackies, ugg boots and all. They just love you with all their wee heart. It’s unconditional.

Picking out traits and features.

You can see the best and worst bits of your partner and yourself in them. Are they hilarious? Most likely! Are they becoming your ‘mini me’? They want to copy you, be like you. You’re their idol. It’s an overwhelming yet very lovely thing.


You can see the best and worst bits of your partner and you. Image via iStock.

It makes you selfless and focussed.

I love that it’s not all about me. After 30+ years of that, I was ready to care for a little human more than I cared for myself. I started to focus on the bigger picture – what kind of future I really wanted, to create for them but also for my husband and myself. I became more driven to follow my passions.

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