The five best period apps to keep track of your cycle.

Gone are the days of hastily scrawling the dates of your period down in your diary. Whether you’re trying to conceive, trying not to conceive, or simply want to keep track of your monthly cycle, period apps are the way to go.

But where does one start? We’ve trawled through the untamed masses of App Store to find a period app that works, one that you’ll actually want to use. Best of all? They’re all absolutely free.

iPeriod—free version

This app lets you record so much—if anything, too much. But if details are your thing, here’s your app. You can record your period, flow, spotting, weight, exercise, cervical fluid and ovulation. It’s also quite specific for fertility—with phrases like “position”, “firmness” and “opening” in regards to fertility. You can also add “friends”, introduce yourself and ask questions. Download it on iTunes and Google Play.


With this app, you can add your period, cycle length, sexual activity and what kind of birth control you’re using. The app will tell you when your period is due, when you’re fertile, as well as a section where—any time in your cycle—you can see what’s going on your body. It also has cool educational features, sex quizzes, games and a social media function: I actually learned stuff. Not to mention it’s super discreet. Download it on iTunes or Google Play.


If you’re trying to conceive, Ovia is the way to go. This period app even greets you with “welcome baby makers” when you open it up. You can record all sorts of details like your cycle type, length, how long you’ve been trying to conceive, and even cervical fluid.

This app is for someone serious about getting pregnant, but is also very helpful for those who are desperately trying NOT to fall pregnant. It gives you a fertility score between one and 10 on how likely you are to conceive on a particular day and will also tell you what your ovaries are doing—or preparing to do—at each part of your cycle. Download it on iTunes or Google Play. (Post continues after gallery.)

Pink Pad

This app is pretty simple. You put in your details and you’ll get info on your fertile days, predicted period start and your chance of pregnancy forecast. Signing up and verifying your account is a bit annoying, but that’s the price you pay. If you want a period tracker that gets to the point, here’s your app. Download it on iTunes or Google Play.


Period Tracker

This period app asks all the basics, as well as whether you’re trying to conceive. You can also chart a lot of other symptoms the apps don’t have, like your flow, temperature, acne, cramps, craving, bloating, moodiness, fatigue and all the other side effects of PMS. The app is also super useful because you can set medication reminders—and see for months in advance when your period is due. Yay. Download it on iTunes here.

Ahoy there, Aunt Flo. Image via iStock.

Do you use a period app?

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