This mother tracked down every person who helped to save her son's life a decade ago.




Ten years ago when Kellie Haddock gave birth to her son Eli, life was “perfect and just how it should be”.

Kellie with her son Eli.

14-weeks-later it “crashed down” around her when her husband was killed instantly in a horrific car accident. Baby Eli was also severely injured in the accident and was rushed to hospital, barely alive.

Kellie was told her newborn probably wouldn’t survive and if he did he wouldn’t have “much of a life”.

“The doctor said if Eli lives, he’s probably not going to be able to walk or talk or show emotion.”

But Eli did survive – and he grew up into a healthy child. All thanks to the hard work of the medical team at Orlando’s Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

Nearly ten years after the accident, Kellie decided to track them all down and thank each of them personally.

And so “The Thank You Project” was born.


“It’s now ten years later and I want to find the team of heroes that helped save my son’s life, and thank them.”

Kellie spent six months thanking all of Eli’s doctors and nurses and threw an event to honour them.

“I’ve never been thanked. You know, it’s not something you do for anything,” said a member of Eli’s medical team.

“This is really special. This is really nice.”

Kellie also documented the whole thing in the amazing video below.