Should I Watch It? 'Thank God You’re Here' is back, and it has big shoes to fill.

Thank God You're Here is back on Australian TV screens, and thank God!

The show became a phenomenon upon its premiere in 2006, running for five hugely successful seasons until 2009. 

The comedy series was at its chaotic best when the likes of Hamish Blake, Josh Lawson, Julia Zemiro and Angus Sampson would bless the blue door with their presence, typically taking over the scene and leaving the rest of the improv cast shellshocked. 

TGYH became a training ground for some of Australia's most promising comedic talent, helping to kick-start the careers of the likes of Rebel Wilson and Ed Kavalee. 

The original series was hosted by Shane Bourne, but the reboot will see Celia Pacquola take the reins.

“I’m so excited Thank God You’re Here is coming back, and I’m thrilled to host because that means I’ll be in the best position to watch it,” Pacquola said ahead of its debut. 

“I can’t wait to send comedians through the big blue door and not have to go through it myself.”

Watch the teaser for Thank God You're Here. Post continues after video.

Video via Network 10. 

The first episode premiered on Wednesday night, hosting celebrity guests Urzila Carlson, Aaron Chen, Julia Zemiro and Mark Bonanno, who competed for the praise of Kath & Kim's Glenn Robbins as guest judge – and it was everything we hoped for and more.

What is Thank God You're Here about?

The comedy series' premise is simple: each episode, four comedians have to step behind the show’s famous blue door. And what awaits? Practically anything! The comedian has to adapt to the scene, respond to the improv team's bizarre lines of questioning, and react to the chaos that awaits.


After being greeted by the series catchphrase “Thank God you’re here!", each celeb has five minutes to do their best with the scene, and one comedian is picked as the victor of the night.

Unlike the original series, which had Tom Gleisner as the reigning judge, the new version will have a rotation of guest judges. 

Come for the...

Nostalgia, and returning all-star guests.

Stay for the...

Fresh talent and hilarious comfort viewing. 

What TV shows will it remind you of?

Obviously, the original Thank God You're Here series, but for the uninitiated, imagine Whose Line Is It Anyway? but with a uniquely Australian twist. 

Quick! Listen to the latest episode of The Spill. Post continues after podcast.

How long is it?

For the original series, each season ran for 10 episodes which go for around an hour each, including the ad break. 

So, should you watch it?

Absolutely! If you were a fan of the original series, you'll easily adapt to the 2023 reboot, which has the exact same feel. Plus, some members of the improv cast are even the same actors who waited behind the door of the '00s series.

If you've never seen the show in your life, but want an hour to have a giggle and check out from life's stresses, then TGYH is the perfect cure. It's extremely easy viewing and lightning-fast, so it rarely lags or feels tedious.

For episode one, both Aaron Chen and Julia Zemiro gave hysterical performances. Aaron was an unpredictable disaster — I loved every minute of it. While Julia is a pro at TGYH, as she has appeared nine times throughout the show's tenure, and she never misses. 


The best part of the show is that even the celebrity guests who bomb their scene are genuinely delightful to watch. There's a sick joy that can be derived from the surprised look on a celebrity's face when they don't know what's happening, or how to react to a hilarious situation. 

Celia as host is everything you want: she's charming, funny, and down-to-earth. The rotation of guest judges is a nice touch, as not having one celebrity needing to be locked in for an entire season likely means we'll get a huge pool of Aussie talent – plus never get bored with the same judge (sorry, Tom!).

If the premiere is anything to go by, Thank God You're Here is back, baby — and it feels so good!

Feature image: Network 10. 

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