Adult son gets a free holiday to Thailand. Complains his mum didn't buy lunch.

You’d think if your parents bought you and your siblings the flights and accommodation for a trip to Thailand the least you could do is pay for lunch, right?

Well, not according to one Perth man (yes, we’re talking about a fully grown adult here) who called his mum “stingy” for asking him to pay a tiny portion of his own way.

His mum shared the 22-year-old’s response to being asked to pay for his own lunches while away in the Perth Mums Group on Facebook.

The mum, whose post was republished by News.com.au, explained to fellow parents that she had organised a family holiday for herself, her husband and their six children, who range in age from 16 to 27 years old.

She and her husband not only paid for the kids’ flights, accommodation (with buffet breakfast included), travel insurance, airport transfers, and a trip to the Phi Phi islands – but also offered to pay for dinner each night.

Image: Facebook

Which meant all their adult children needed to cough up the cash for were their lunches, souvenirs and any other extras - something the mum said she explained to her children before they left.

"However, the 22-year-old has said to me today that I’m stingy because I’m not paying for lunches (which will only cost probably no more than $10 on the plane and in Patong each day) although just about everything else is being paid for," she explained in the post.

For context, the mum added that her son does have a job and was part of the conversation about what the adult children would be expected to pay for themselves.

"This has upset me and I don’t think it’s unreasonable at all, especially when everyone else is happy with the arrangements," she wrote.

The mum was on the page asking for feedback, and the kind she got was overwhelmingly sympathetic to her and critical of her son - who one commenter described as a "spoiled little brat".

What do you think? Is asking your adult children to pay for their own lunches a reasonable request?