Mid-flight terror as turbulence causes havoc on flight.

It’s easy to be blasé about fastening your seatbelt on a flight.

Particularly when it’s a long one and particularly when you have a bladder as small as mine. But that “unexpected turbulence” they warn you about is real, people. Very real.

This was the horror-movie-like aftermath of a nasty bout of bumpiness on a recent Thai Airways flight from Jakarta to Bangkok.

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The passenger responsible for the substantial stain was among six people injured during the incident, which occurred mid-air over Singapore on Monday. The other five hurt were all members of the Flight TG434 crew.

According to Thai news outlet khaosod, the injured passenger sustained a cut to his head after being tossed against the ceiling of the aircraft. He was reportedly not wearing his seatbelt.

The Boeing 777-200 landed safely at Suvarnabhumi Airport and the injured were taken to a nearby hospital. Thai Airways apparently picked up the tab for their treatment.

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The photographs, snapped by Thai Airways flight attendant Kru P'Birth and uploaded to Facebook, show the cabin littered with pillows, food and personal belongings.

The pictures have since been removed from the page.

Here are few other things airline cabin crew want you to know.

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