How did this woman receive a text from her dead grandmother?

“It’s me. Your dead grandma.”

A woman in the UK was terrified last week when she received a text from her dead grandmother.

According to The Shields Gazette, Sheri Emerson buried her grandmother Lesly with her mobile phone, as it was one of her ‘favourite things’.

Sheri would text the phone occasionally with tidbits about her life and family, as a way to feel closer to her deceased grandmother.

Then last week, she actually got a reply from her grandmother’s phone, which she had seen buried with her. The message said:

“I’m watching over you and it’s all going to get better. Just push through.”

Sheri, 22, was understandably terrified. “I felt sick when I read it. I was in shock and didn’t know what to think,” she told The Shields Gazette. I’d sent a message on the Wednesday night telling nan about family life and then I got the reply on Thursday. Obviously we know that nan wasn’t ever going to reply to our texts. It was just something we did as a comfort for ourselves, because she loved to text.”

Nothing this cool. Just some random guy.

So what in the what happened?

Sherri, who is clearly not a believer, said she replied to the text, asking who was at the other end, and was met with the response: ‘A disturbing vegetarian’.

After a bit more back and forth, she realised that her grandmother’s number had been sold to someone new by the phone company. The gentleman who was getting the texts she was sending her grandmother thought it was his friends trying to prank him, thus the ‘disturbing vegetarian’ business.

Sheri is speaking with phone company 02 to try and figure out what went wrong, since she had paid to keep her grandmother’s number in use.

Anyone else feel like this story would have been a lot cooler if Grandma Lesley was somehow texting from the grave?

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