Tessa James has shared a beautiful post-chemo photo with Sally Obermeder.

Their smiles say it all.

In a gorgeous Instagram shot, Tessa James poses with Sally Obermeder, Australian TV personality and cancer survivor.

Tessa posted the selfie earlier today with the caption “This AMAZING inspiring woman.”

Source: Instagram.

And in truth, that caption could apply to both Sally and Tessa.

Actress Tessa James shares a beautiful positive selfie during cancer treatment.

Obermeder was diagnosed with a rare form of aggressive breast cancer when she was 41 weeks pregnant with her daughter, Annabelle.

Now that she’s been given the all-clear, she works tirelessly with the National Breast Cancer Foundation, warning other women of the importance of early detection.

James revealed she had been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a blood cancer that affects the lymphatic system, in September last year.

At the time, she was living in Los Angeles and pursuing her successful acting career. She returned to the Gold Coast for treatment after she was diagnosed.

Tessa James is celebrating her final chemotherapy treatment

Since then, she has been fighting the debilitating disease with unerring good humour.

Check out this gallery of Tessa with her family and friends: