"Feeling sexy doesn't come from my hair": Tessa James speaks about feeling empowered after cancer treatment.

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Being diagnosed with cancer is shitty. There’s no other word for it. It’s a tough time for the survivor and their family, a period filled with sadness, anger, confusion, fear and questions.

The treatment of cancer is physically gruelling, and can dramatically change a patient’s appearance — and subsequently, their self-confidence.

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For Tessa James, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma last September, one of the most distressing side effects of chemotherapy was the loss of her long blonde hair.

Last night the 24-year-old actress attended the Myer Spring 2015 Fashion Launch, her first public appearance since her treatment finished in February. James, who looked incredible, discussed how she’s come to feel empowered by her changed appearance.


Tessa James at the Myer Spring 2015 Fashion Launch. (Image via Getty.)

"It's a hard thing for a woman to lose her hair, after treatment you still have the effects," James told The Daily Mail. 

"After what I went through, things were put in perspective ... feeling sexy doesn't come from my hair, I have to rock what I've got. It makes you feel different, I like different clothes now and I feel empowered."

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In her emotional interview with Sunday Night earlier this month, James explained that having her long hair shaved was one of the biggest reality checks of her cancer journey.

“It made it real, even more so than what already was. It was like, this isn’t going to be as quick fix as I thought,” she said. (Post continues after gallery.)

James celebrated finishing her chemotherapy treatment in February, sharing a beautiful family photo on Instagram. Everyone was dressed up for the occasion, including her husband, Titans NRL player Nate Myles.

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James wore a particularly appropriate costume – a Wonder Woman dress complete with crown.

James celebrating after finishing chemotherapy. (Image via Instagram.)[/img_caption]

“I felt like Wonder Woman at the end of [chemo],” she admitted during her Sunday Night interview.

And now?

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“I’m totally fine. I just have to have regular blood tests and keep an eye on it, look after myself … I’m done and dusted,” James said.

A massive fist pump for you, Tessa.