Have you ever worked with a terrible colleague?

We’ve all probably worked with THAT colleague before – one who seems to exist purely to make everyone else’s work life miserable.

If you’ve worked with a terrible colleague before, you’re definitely not alone.

A recent Reddit thread asked people to share stories about the worst person they’ve ever worked with – and let’s just say, you’ll probably relate to a lot of these…

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Here are some of the highlights, from work mates who are lazy, rude and downright creepy:

  • I worked with a guy in a call centre who every 30 minutes at least would fart like a trooper, and I don't just mean like a normal fart, I mean like a tank had just crashed through the wall of the office fart. - Iron_Spencer
  • A woman who passively aggressively would put up signs. To make it worse, they had horrible grammar. A sampling: "Please turn off The Lights when you leave the room. PAY ATTENTION" "Stay Home if you're sick. Sick means...[proceeds to list 100 symptoms related to illness]" "Window is broken. Someone call the Repairman. Please." - doodle_girl
  • The guy I recently started working with has sexually harassed several women to the point of them not lasting more than two weeks. I'm talking five in 2015 alone. He makes a lot of money for the company though, so he's likely not going anywhere. - N-athan
  • I have a co-worker who complains about everything, non-stop. She's always bitching about how hard her work is, and how huge her workload is. The thing is, she only finds it hard because she's dumb, and her workload is actually smaller than most people's in the team. Inexplicably, she's been here for a couple of years, and still has to be told over and over again how to do the most basic things. - -rabid-
terrible colleague
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  • Ann would sneak up on you and if she thought you were slow she'd make a cutting comment. She sneered a lot. She clearly felt she was better than all of us. It was a temporary job for me and I later heard Ann was sent into early retirement. I don't think anyone misses her. - MartijnCvB
  • I work one cubicle away from this guy who, multiple times throughout the day, laughs out loud hysterically. He has the loudest, most effeminate voice. If he's not doing that, he's listening to shitty EDM on blast. Ohhh and all of his "statuses" on the company messenger (Lync) are always hashtags about going clubbing. - amblingmadly
  • He was a total jackass to the people working for him and a total ass kisser to everyone else...I lasted six months before he fired me for pretty much no reason (I walked in 5 minutes late one day because we had this rain storm that froze at 5AM, everyone else was over an hour late). It was a complete shock to everyone I worked with. - RumoredToBeGreat

Gulp. Suddenly working from home seems even more appealing than usual...

Who's the worst person you've ever worked with?