Karen was raising money for her cancer treatment when she was sent a cruel anonymous letter.

Karen Land, a mother of five facing the devastating diagnosis of terminal cancer. has now had to face the cruel actions of an anonymous person who slipped a hate-filled card through her front door.

As The Mirror reports, the 39-year-old firefighter, who has previously battled breast cancer, set up a Just Giving campaign to raise money for the treatment of two aggressive brain tumours and tumours in her lungs.

Having already raised almost $124,000, she was blown away by the generosity of those who had donated.

Karen Land and two of her children. Image: Just Giving.

But one afternoon, she happened upon a cruel and disgusting card with "thinking of you" written on the front, which opened to a heartless message scrawled in capital letters.


A message, it's hard to imagine, anyone could ever send to someone in Karen's position.

"Stop begging for money!," it demanded.

"Enough is enough with raffles, just funding. Why do you still want people giving money to you? What will happen to the money when there is no cure for you?"

The words initially stung the terminally-ill mother, who told the Mirror "shock" was all she felt on opening the misleading greeting card.

In a dark and twisted move, Karen was also suspicious that the card - which had a stamp but had not been sent by post, could have been sent by someone she knows.

"I was just shocked that someone would do that to somebody in my position.

"I don't understand how someone can be so bothered about my life that they go to the effort to do something like that.

"I'm not angry, I would have liked to have discussed the issue with them. I think I'm inclined to say that they're more to be pitied."

But, displaying the strength of someone facing the most difficult medical battle there is, to stay alive, Karen is vowing not to let the harsh words get her down.

"I am determined as ever to fight and stay positive; I don’t want this to take over the times I am supposed to be enjoying.

“I always wake up in the mornings feeling upbeat with a smile on my face. I guess I did get a bit complacent when I beat cancer the first time around, but I’m willing to go the full length to get rid of this."

Karen's attitude is a testament to her strong will in the face of unimaginable obstacles; not only her cancer, but the despicable actions of a fellow human.