Aussie actress Teresa Palmer shows 2-year-old son Bodhi the video of him being born.

How did you explain to your first born that they would soon have a brother or sister?

Our son was just eight months old when we became pregnant with his sister – so, trying to explain the concept of a new baby to him was literally impossible.

However, by the time we found out the sex of our baby girl at 20 weeks, we did a little video of him ‘choosing’ the sex by walking towards a pink sign instead of a blue one (incidentally, he picked right first time with no cuing from us). Super cute and something I‘ll remember forever.

Actress and model Teresa Palmer has vlogged about how she told her son, aged 2 and 9 months, about the new baby boy the family will welcome later this year.

Teresa Palmer and husband, Mark Webber.

Instead of telling him by showing him an ultrasound picture or similar, she sat him down to watch a video of his own birth. Yes, you heard right. His own birth.

Some might say it’s a bit much for a 2 year old to be watching something like that. But, Palmer says, it was her way of explaining to him that he has a new brother on the way.

Palmer says her son has a great vocabulary and is able to articulate his emotions really well, so watching his birth helped him understand the concept of a new baby.

Palmer is sharing her second pregnancy with her thousands of followers.

As they watched his birth video together, Palmer explained that the same process was going to happen with the new baby. 

Palmer is chronicling her second pregnancy in a video blog series for her thousands of followers.

You can watch her whole video here.