This reflective coat is helping to save the lives of refugees.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, but designer Angela Luna’s was not only unexpected but also altruistic.

Despairing at the ever increasing refugee crisis, the founder of ADIFF, a humanitarian fashion start-up, decided to put her skills to use.

“I just remember feeling so helpless. I asked myself ‘Okay, where is there a design problem that we could offer a solution to?'” she told Insider.

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The outcome was a collection of garments that aim to provide shelter, safety, comfort, security and other necessities to people on the go.

It includes a coat that also doubles as a tent or a sleeping bag and a more streamline reflective jacket that offers its wearer the ability to blend in or stand out, such as when travelling at night or in the water, depending on their needs.

The products were tested in the refugee camps in Greece and the first jacket is now available for pre-sale and donation on the company’s Kickstarter, which has raised almost $25,000 more than its $60,000 goal with five days still to go.


Image: Kickstarter/ADIFF

The jacket is not just for refugees either, with the item also meeting the needs for the world's homeless as well as anyone simply looking for a coat with a difference.

Even better, there's an option on their Kickstarter to either donate a jacket to someone in need when you buy one, or simply donate without purchasing one for yourself. They're expected to be shipped September this year.

Would you buy one? Tell us below.

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