This tennis player hacked off her own hair in the middle of a match.

This incredible video of Russian hardcore goddess tennis player Svetlana Kuznetsova casually hacking off her ponytail because it was feeling ‘too heavy’ during a game is equal parts satisfying and horrifying.

Check this out:

At the WTA Finals in Singapore yesterday, Svetlana took the opportunity for a quick trim during a break, requesting a pair of scissors as she sat courtside.

With the last-minute haircut being aired live, the commentators quickly tried to smooth over the weird moment, saying the ponytail must have been “feeling heavy on the court” or fell at “an awkward length where it’s clearly disturbing her.”

You know what? My fringe flicks into my eyes all the time, but I’ve never actually felt the urge to hack it off. Usually a bobby pin will suffice.

Here’s her lush ponytail pre-hack:

For a woman whose arm tattoo reads, ‘Pain doesn’t kill me – I kill the pain’, something tells me her ponytail wasn’t that big of a deal. (Cross to me at the hairdresser specifying for the fifth time what my idea of a ‘small trim’ is…)

Anyway, she won. By a hair’s breadth.

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