The Bachelor's Tenille shares what really went down at last night's cocktail party.

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You guys, what. the. heck.

Last night’s Bachie was very dramatic, with Tenille running off into the (apparently very dangerous) night after a confrontation with villain Romy.

Tenille, 25, spoke to NW about what really went down – saying drama is expected of Romy as soon as the cameras turn on.

“With Romy you can almost see it coming from a mile away,” she said. “I remember just sitting at a cocktail party and you constantly feel you’re walking on eggshells around her so you’re just waiting for her to make a comment.”

The Brisbane flight attendant had previously said she would not kiss Nick on their first date, but she did because things change, she wanted to and honestly why does this even matter?

She said Romy started putting words in her mouth, claiming she’d said things about her, Nick and the other women in the house. Tenille told Romy she was misinterpreting what she had said.

“She would take what I’d say and then two seconds later she’d come back and say ‘I heard you said this or that’ and I was like ‘OMG are we doing this again? We’re going in circles’,” she told NW.

Tenille said she had only had one drink all night (which she was still holding when she first ran off) and was just “absolutely done” when she stripped off her mic and had to be persuaded back by a producer.


She praised Shannon for standing up for her, having her back and following her out to make sure she was okay.

As viewers saw, a show producer persuaded Tenille to come back by telling her to focus on the positives, including her earlier single date with Nick, and what she was there for.

Tenille believed she handled the emotion of the show well, but admits it had taken its toll.

She has been shocked watching the show, especially when seeing other bachelorettes one-on-one interviews and the wording used by Romy, Cat and Alicia to describe other woman.

“I knew they were bad in the house, but I didn’t know it was that bad,” she said.

With the promos for tonight’s episode showing Nick asking someone to leave after asking Tenille who was being mean to her, it doesn’t look like the drama will be dying down anytime soon.

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