Can you really have a 10-minute orgasm? Or is that just on Real Housewives?


It was the claim that left Real Housewives of Sydney viewers laughing, tweeting and genuinely curious.

Designer Athena X Levendi said she experiences 10-minute orgasms during sex with husband Panos Levendi.

Ten minutes. Let that sink in for a second (or ten).

The reveal, during last night’s episode’s dinner party, sparked a fierce chain of housewives to pull some very pouty faces.

“Who’s got time for that?” Melissa Tkautz asked the camera. (I’d make time for that, TBH.)

Dinner was served with accompanying wines and a side of disbelief. (Source: Foxtel.)

Athena, who is very 'spiritual',  seemed indifferent to the waves of disbelief rippling across the table. The jewellery mogul explained the achievement was a result of her kundalini practice.


"It's almost a meditation, where you go to an even higher level of an orgasm," she said.

"Your orgasms last for more than 10 minutes or whatever it usually does."

Kundalini, a term that appears across several Indian religions, is used to describe a kind of primal energy believed to exist (but lay dormant or sleeping) at the base of one's spine.

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Athena explained how one can "awaken" their kundalini in order to reap the benefits.

"They say the snake of kundalini lives in the bottom of your spine, and if you can ignite that kundalini, everything you experience is heightened," she said.

The majority of the RHOS cast may have called bullsh*t on the claim but we decided to dig a little deeper.

Sex expert and tantric teacher Tara O'Sullivan told Mamamia that kundalini allowed individuals to cultivate and direct their sexual energy in order to experience greater pleasure.

"I like to think of sexual energy as electricity – the more you plug into it, the 'brighter' you become and the brighter you become, the more pleasure you can experience," she said.

The face you pull when somebody is mocking you but you don't want to stir shit so you swallow your anger. #feels. (Source: Foxtel.)

O'Sullivan said women were capable of training their bodies to experience greater orgasms and better sex.

"We have such a limited view of our pleasure potential here in the West, if only all women knew just how much sexy bliss their bodies were capable of!"

O'Sullivan says Athena's claim could definitely have  been real and that there was no limit to experiencing pleasure.

"A women can experience an orgasm for any length of time," she said.

The RHOS cast may not have bought it but we have faith (and hope, let's be real) in the possibility.

You can learn more about Tara O'Sullivan's work here, or attend one of her workshops here.

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