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The mother of Married At First Sight's Telv has given a pretty damning interview about the show.

This year’s Married At First Sight has been the season that never ends… And we hope it never does.

More juicy gossip has now come out about what was actually going on behind the scenes of the highly addictive series, and it just might be better than what we saw onscreen.

Telv’s mum, Tracey Bamblett Onus, has given an interview to the Daily Mail, where she dropped the bombshell that Telv Williams and Sarah Roza had actually split before their final commitment ceremony.

We feel so cheated.

“They (producers) were coercing him into doing something which he basically didn’t want and that was to do the re-commitment ceremony,” she said.

“He didn’t even want to re-commit.”

Wait, so the show’s producers basically forced Telv, 33, to stand in front of Sarah, 38, and pretend he was still madly in love with her? Mind. Blown.

According to Tracey, the show’s producers asked Telv to stay on, even though he wanted to leave the series back in November.

She said the couple actually split in December, and Telv was put up in his own apartment, separate to Sarah, for the duration of filming.

Tracey added that things were so bad between Sarah and Telv during their home visit, that Sarah needed to be consoled off camera, after becoming “very, very upset”.


Post-show, Tracey said Telv is feeling “used” by the show’s producers, but he’s working on moving on from it all.

“He’s not very happy about the way it all happened [but] he takes things in his stride and doesn’t like to dwell on them too much,” she added.

Like the rest of Australia, Sarah and Telv emerged as our favourites to go the distance early on in the series, so we were a little bit heartbroken to find out it didn’t work out. \

Whyyyy? You had one job, “love experts”.

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Having said all that though, we’re all grown ups here, and even though we would have been devastated, we’re pretty sure we could have handled knowing the truth about their break up. Most likely, anyway.

Okay, we probably would have thrown a few things, but then we would have been fine.

Still, we’d be lying if we said it didn’t still hurt a little bit. Love is dead.