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It's official: Married At First Sight's Telv and Sarah are finito.

After a bucketload of rumours and an investment of far too much emotional energy (by us, not them), it would appear Married at First Sight‘s Sarah and Telv aren’t together after their time on the reality show.

Former contestant Ryan Gallagher has confirmed the duo are no longer together, despite their attempts at keeping up appearances after filming stopped.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, Ryan said they were categorically “not together”.

“They’ve both got their demons. He’s in Melbourne now, but they’re not together,” he said.

Clare and Jessie Stephens recap the final episode of Married at First Sight. Post continues.

“They’re still talking and they’re civil to one another, but they’ve got a lot of baggage between them … I don’t think they see eye-to-eye on a lot of things.”

Meanwhile, Sarah and Telv are staying quiet, occasionally trolling us on social media with selfies together and insinuations they’re still dating.

Is this the part where we say love is dead? Is love dead?

We think love is dead.

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