Women confess the one thing they've always wanted to tell their mother-in-law.

Ah mother-in-laws. They really do get a bad rap.

Movies and sitcoms characterise the mother-in-law as overbearing and obnoxious.

They barge in and clean your house (…why is anyone complaining) before offering completely unsolicited parenting advice. There’s even a sub-par movie named ‘Monster-in-Law’.

But real life mothers-in-law are far more complex. There are great ones. There are some that drive you mad. There are some that have awful taste in decor, yet inundate you with rugs/vases/wall hangings. There are some that buy your children 14 presents every time they drop in.

Of course, none of us would ever say any of these things to our mother-in-law directly. No good would come of that.

Instead, watch the Mamamia staff confess their deepest most private thoughts about their partner’s mother, before we graciously accept yet another God-awful gift.

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