Mamamia recommends: The TV shows to watch this weekend.

It’s almost the weekend.

Which means you’ve got a whole two days to watch and listen to whatever the hell you want. Well, unless you have small children, which would mean you have NO time to watch and listen to anything you want. Oh, well.

But before you fall into the bowels of Netflix, we’ve got some pretty good suggestions you can add to your list. Courtesy of the Mamamia Outloud team.

1. Party Down (TV Show)

Video via Starz

It’s an American comedy series that follows a group of caterers in Los Angeles who are actually wannabe actors. They all think they are great actors, but never really make it. It stars Jane Lynch from Glee and Adam Scott from Parks and Recreation.

If you need a laugh, this one is probably one for you.

Monz says: “It came on the scene a few years ago and kind of disappeared because nobody watched it. It’s very, very funny.”

2. Flesh and Bone (TV Show)

If you like a drama-packed mini series, this is for you. About an ageing ballerina in the American Ballet Company, Flesh and Bone goes deep into the glamour, and in turn chaos of the ballet world.

Mia says: “I need you all to watch it so I can talk about it to you.”

Mia had A LOT of recommendations this week. She is also thinking of getting a word tattooed on her body. You know, the usual. To listen: 

Listen to the full episode here:

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3. This American Life: The Poetry Of Propaganda (Podcast)

This American Life is one of the world’s biggest podcasts, and over the break Jam decided to revisit it.  “I have been going back through all the old episodes of This American Life, which was always my favourite podcast…and I’ve picked out a few episodes that I really liked.”

She recommends the first half of episode 575, The Poetry of Propaganda. It’s about how war propaganda in Colombia is created and used. Listen to it here. 

4. Dawson’s Creek.

Monz is obsessed. She also thinks Dawson is hot. Read about her obsession with it here.

And then, there’s always Making a Murderer….

If you have already watched that, you need to listen to this. Rosie Waterland, Sarah-Jane Collins and Laura Brodnik discussing ALL of the things in a taster for our new TV podcast, The Binge:

Do you have any recommendations?