Teenager's cowardly attack on another school student. Just because he had red hair...

All because he had red hair…

A teen who bashed a boy unconscious just for having red hair was sentenced in Melbourne today. The magistrate said that the savage nature of the beating was so extreme, the victim could have died.

Boy beaten unconscious just for having red hair. Stock image.

The accused admitted that the only reason he had beaten a fellow and younger schoolboy until he was unconscious, was because the boy had red hair. That’s it. No other reason. No provocation. Not even a stupid schoolyard tiff.

The kid was a ranga. And as a result? He almost died.

This is what a bully looks like.

The young thug who committed the crime is reportedly the son of an AFL champion but can not be identified because he is only 15-years-old.

The event in question took place in October of last year. CCTV cameras at the bus station in Ringwood captured the bully king-hitting the red-headed schoolboy, then punching and kicking him as he lay unconscious.

ringwood station
Ringwood Station where the attack took place. Pic source: Channel Seven

In court today the magistrate said that the victim could have been killed and the attacker lacked remorse. He sentenced the boy to 12 months probation and ordered counselling.

“It’s an extraordinarily vicious thing to do,” the magistrate said.”And you tried to justify it in some way and that is concerning.”

15-year-old bully speaks to Seven News outside of court. Pic: Seven Network

Outside the court the attacker told Seven News – in between drags on a cigarette – “Yeah, I’m sorry.” His professional footballer father was in court to offer support. The victim was not present but his mother said he has recovered physically but has lost a lot of his confidence.

He was once teased for his red hair and acne. Years later, he got the ultimate revenge.

This isn’t the first time the convicted young person has attacked another child. Two weeks after the Ringwood assault, the young thug attacked again, at the Mooroolbark football oval.

In what was yet another unprovoked attack, he and a friend set upon two young men who were walking past, repeatedly punching and head-butting the pair. The are rumours of of other attacks and police are urging victims to come forward so that further action can be taken.

Please call Crimestoppers Victoria on 1800 333 000.

We at Mamamia are appalled at the shameful, cowardly attacks. And for anyone out there who has red hair or kids with red hair who are feeling a little vulnerable, we’d like to celebrate red-heads for a moment. Enjoy: