This teen's own messy bedroom left her with an injury so gross, we can barely look.

Meet Julia Pechar.

Hi Julia. Source: Twitter

She's just a regular, all-American teenager. I bet her room looks like it fell out an Ikea catalogue or an episode of the OC.


It doesn't.


In fact, the 18-year-old's room is SO messy, it's officially an occupational health and safety hazard.

Yesterday, Julia had an accident.

The high school student was making her way from bed to kitchen to grab a freshly popped bag of microwave popcorn, when she trod on her phone charger.

And THIS happened:

Jesus Christ, NO.

She shared her cautionary tale on her Twitter account yesterday (with pictures), much to the horror of thousands of people.

Most were rightly horrified, by the way.


There was, however, a small contingent of foot-loving Internet lurkers who want more more MORE.

“I have a lot of people with foot fetishes asking me for pictures and thanking me for posting pictures of my feet, that kinda freaks me out,” Julia told Buzzfeed.

“It’s really creepy, but also funny, so it’s all good.”

She also said she has no plans to clean her sh*t up.

This would never happen to Marissa Cooper.

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