Teen's awesome reward after returning superhero's wallet.

It pays to do the right thing.

Ellen Degeneres just gave a 17-year-old $10,000 dollars for returning someone’s wallet.

Okay, so it wasn’t just anybody’s wallet. It belonged to Australian actor, “super-hero” and all-round good-guy Chris Hemsworth.

The Huntsman actor left his wallet on the table in a restaurant in a “rough” area of town. “I’m never going to get it back,” he thought. But he was wrong.

Lucky for Hemsworth, Tristin Budzyn-Barker found it.

Tristin recalled the moment he realised it belonged to the God of Thunder on The Ellen Show this week. “I looked up at my mum and I was like, ‘Mum! We found Thor’s wallet!'”

Tristin tacked down Hemsworth’s management and mailed the wallet back to him with everything inside exactly as he left it. All he (well, his mum actually) asked in return was the chance to see Hemsworth on the Ellen Show.

But when he got there, his reward was much more than he bargained for. The actor opened his wallet and gave the teenager all the cash inside.

“I expected it was going to be empty,” Hemsworth said. “But all the cash was in there so I want to give the cash as a gift.”

Tristan looked thrilled to bits! But Ellen kicked things up a notch, giving the 17-year-old $10,000 dollars to go towards his college savings to the delight of the teen’s parents.

Note to self, next time you find a super-hero’s wallet, give it back.

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