Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's response to men trying to court her on Aussie radio was brutal.

Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham went on Aussie radio looking for the next ‘Chris Hemsworth’ or ‘Hugh Jackman’ to date.

Sadly, she did not find him.

In a segment on Thursday’s Kyle and Jackie O Show promoting the 26-year-old’s new dating show, MTV Single AF, Australia’s finest male specimens were invited to vie for Farrah’s heart.

And while the KIIS FM hosts were optimistic about uncovering some quality grass fed Aussie beef, it’s safe to say the reality TV star was not impressed.

It was brutal, in the best way possible.

Describing Matt, 21, who loves footy as “too young” with “not enough money”, the entrepreneur was 100 per cent not there for any BS.

Which is exactly why Johnny, a 5’6 plumber whose mate’s describe him as “the human tripod” (but do they?) failed to make the cut due to there being, as Farrah so eloquently put it, “a dime a dozen of dicks”. Ouch.

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Like a trained professional, Farrah cut down man after man with searing precision. "Honest and trustworthy" Corey from Hornsbury was deemed "cocky and belligerent", while respectful single dad Daniel who wanted to cook her a nice home cooked meal was dumped for having a little dragon tattoo.

One man even got ceremoniously booted for pronouncing her name wrong, to which she told him her life "going great without [him in it]".

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Personally, we wish we could adopt this kind of assertive, no-nonsense attitude towards dating.

Sure, it might come across as harsh to some, but at least the woman isn't wasting anyone's time, including her own.

Thankfully, Farrah was able to find three Aussie suitors worthy of attending a luxury VIP house party where they can compete for a week-long trip to Paris on the reality dating show.

But with Kyle as her "wing man", we'd suggest she keep her expectation low. Very low.

Do you agree with reality TV dating shows?