Meet the three young women who will star in the first season of Teen Mom Australia.

Three young Australian mothers have chosen to have their lives documented on camera for Australia’s viewing pleasure in the premiere season of MTV’s Teen Mom Australia.

Melbourne’s Ammersen Chambers, Western Sydney’s Akosita Masima and the Sutherland Shire’s Georgina Manios were chosen from more than a thousand young women who applied to MTV to be part of the ten-episode first season.

The sheer number of young mothers who wanted to be part of the show is no doubt tied to the fact that the US version of the series is a ratings success story and has made household names out of its original cast members.

Teen Mom (renamed Teen Mom OG from the fifth season) is the first spin-off show of the hit TV series 16 and Pregnant, and the Australian version of the show will follow a similar format to its predecessors.

Teen Mom Australia will showcase the lives of these three mothers as they try to find a balance between sorting out childcare, maintaining their relationships and just making it through general teenage and young adult life.

Ammersen Chambers (nicknamed Ammi) is the youngest of the teen mums featured on the show at 18-years-old and is described by MTV as “fiery and brutally honest as they come.” Ammi welcomed her son Jiyah in February 2018 with her childhood sweetheart, Jordan. Ammi and Jordan have also recently announced that their second baby is due in September.

According to MTV, Ammi lives with her older sister Katya and despite their closeness, the living arrangement causes a few challenges as they are in constant disagreements about household chores, parenting, and family overall dynamics, all of which will be captured on camera for the show.


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Might aswell announce baby #2 is due in September too ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️❤️ @jordanplusjiyah

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Georgina Manios (nicknamed Georgie) is 20-years-old and described by MTV as “a make-up loving single mum who switches her time between working as a qualified beautician and changing nappies.”

Georgie welcomed her daughter Evie in July 2017 and has been in an on-and-off again relationship with Evie’s father John for the last five years.

Teen Mom Australia will chronicle the relationship between the two young parents, who both “tell different sides to the story and it always ends in an argument”. Georgie says she is conflicted about her feelings for John but is willing to give their relationship one last chance for the sake of their daughter.


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All we need is eachother????

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The third member of the Teen Mom Australia trio is Akosita Masima (nicknamed Sita) who is hoping to take her singing career to the next level as everything in her life “came to a screeching halt” once she found out she was having a baby. The 19-year-old mother welcomed her son Andrew in December 2018.

Sita and her partner Thomson live with her self-described ‘big fat Tongan Family’. Overall there are ten of them living in the house including her four sisters and three brothers, her parents, her grandfather and the children of her siblings. Sita said she is hoping to get back on the Rugby field as soon as possible and the series will follow her life as she navigates new motherhood in a packed family home.



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My son is now 43 days old. In 43 days I’ve learnt a lot about a little human, how fragile he is, the important support of family and a lot about myself. I always sit here and stress myself out thinking of how im responsible for the future man he will be. How im responsible of the man he turns out to be & the things i must do and teach to mould him into that great man i want to see. I wouldn’t have made it to day 43 without my support team and my own mother and sisters for being second mums to my little Andrew Netane. I still have a lot to learn. But for now, one day at a time son. I love you so much & i seriously can not wait to see what God has installed for us ♥️ #excusemyfatface #vomitsonallmyclotheslmao #myson #luvolighting #comethroughsis ????

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Judging how Australian audiences have hungrily consumed the US version of the show, with more than 7.4 million Australians tuning into Teen Mom since it first premiered in 2010, it’s safe to say that viewers will have an equal interest in the homegrown version of the hit series.

Teen Mom Australia will premiere soon on MTV on Foxtel, Foxtel Now and Fetch.