How infamous serial killer Ted Bundy was able to escape from prison. Twice.



No serial killer has captured the world’s attention quite like Ted Bundy did.

From his televised trial, to his electric chair execution, to the release of Netflix documentary series Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, stories and details relating to Ted Bundy’s life and crimes continue to resurface.

Now, in light of the release of Zac Efron’s new Netflix film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, the infamous serial killer is back in the news once again.

The movie, which follows the lengthy police search for Bundy, also explores how the serial killer was able to remain hidden for so long, as he lived a life which appeared normal from the outside alongside his girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer and her daughter Molly Kloepfer.

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When the mass murderer, kidnapper and rapist was finally caught, however, it wouldn’t be the last time that he would run from police.


In fact, Bundy managed to escape prison twice before being executed under the death penalty.

So, how the heck was a notorious serial killer able to escape from prison twice?

Ted Bundy’s first escape from prison.

In January 1977, Bundy was transferred to Aspen, Colorado, where he was charged with the murder of 23-year-old nurse Caryn Campbell.

At the time, Bundy, who had already been found guilty of kidnapping and assault, decided to assist in his own defence in court.

As shown in the new film, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, defending himself allowed Bundy to use the law library in the courthouse where the prison was located. He was also able to walk around the library without wearing handcuffs or shackles.

During his time preparing for his case, Bundy noticed that it would incredibly easy for him to escape via the library and on June 7, 1977, he put his plan into action. While a prison guard left for a cigarette break, Bundy jumped out the library’s second-story window and ran for the mountains.

Once prison guards realised that Bundy was gone, roadblocks were placed at either end of Aspen, so that police could check every single car leaving the city.

Ted Bundy described himself as "the most cold-hearted son of a bitch you'll ever meet". Image: Getty.

For the next few days, Bundy wandered around the mountains before stealing a car. Six days after escaping, he was caught after he was pulled over for reckless driving.

Speaking to the prison psychologist, Bundy later explained why he chose to escape.

"The windows are open, and the fresh air is blowing through. And the sky was blue, and I said, 'I'm ready to go,' and walked to the window and jumped out," he said.

"Honest to god, I just got sick and tired of being locked up."

Ted Bundy's second escape from prison.

On December 30, 1977, Bundy escaped from prison for the second time, while still on trial for the murder of Caryn Campbell.


While being held in a Colorado jail, Bundy spent months devising a plan to escape through a small hole in the ceiling of his cell.

Over a few months time, he lost weight and practiced entering the hole in the ceiling, which was meant for a light fixture.

Finally, while a number of the prison's staff were on holidays, Bundy made his escape.

ted bundy
Ted Bundy assisted in his own defence in the trial. Image: Getty.

According to reports, he entered one of the guards' areas in the building via the ceiling. He then changed into the guard's uniform and walked right out of the prison.


Following his escape, Bundy travelled to Florida. It was here that he would commit his final crimes.

On January 15, 1978, not long after his escape, Bundy broke into the Florida State University's Chi Omega sorority house. He killed two young women while they slept and attacked two more.

Finally, on February 12, 1978, Bundy was arrested as he was caught driving a stolen vehicle as he attempted to flee Florida.

What happened to Ted Bundy next?

In June 1979, Bundy faced trial once again – this time, for the Chi Omega murders. The Florida trial was the first to ever be televised.

It wasn’t until February 10, 1980, that Bundy was handed his final sentence – execution by electric chair.

But although he was sentenced to death in 1980, it would be nine years before the mass murderer would face his execution day.

Finally, after years of lengthy appeals, a date was set – January 24, 1989.

ted bundy movie
Hundreds gathered outside the prison to celebrate when Ted Bundy was executed. Image: Getty.

In the weeks leading up to his execution date, Bundy began to confess to the full extent of his crimes. He even gave an interview to a psychologist and religious broadcaster named James Dobson, where he took full responsibility for the crimes he committed.

On his final night in Florida State Prison, Bundy spent his time crying and praying with a Methodist minister. He also called his mother, Louise Bundy, to say goodbye.

At 7am, on January 24, 1989, he was led to the electric chair.

As 41 witnesses stood in the room, one of America's most notorious serial killers was killed.

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile is available to watch on Netflix now.

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