A student stole a teacher's phone and distributed all of her nude photos.

A teacher in the US has been forced into resignation after a student stole her phone and sent out her naked selfies.

Leigh Anne Arthur had been patrolling the halls when the student swiped the phone off her desk and quickly began sending out the images via text messages and social media.

Arthur told WSPA that when she returned to find the student holding the phone, he turned to her and said, “your day of reckoning is coming.”

Arthur’s resignation comes 13 years into her service as a local teacher.

Leigh Anne says the phone was swiped off her desk. Image via iStock.

US news source The State spoke to the superintendent in charge of her school’s district who said that Arthur was in the wrong for leaving her phone unlocked with the photos on there.

“I forgive you. It don’t make it anymore right. But what’s done is done and I hope you learned your lesson. And I hope that you learned from this mistake and I hope that you have a wife one day that you treat like gold and you won’t want this to ever happen to her,” she said.

Parents and students have begun signing a petition to reinstate Arthur at the school.

Arthur plans on taking the student to court and will be pressing charges next week.