Taylor Swift surprises a fan at his wedding and it was both beautiful and heartbreaking.

Taylor Swift has had a tough week, to say the least.

First, there was the announcement that her relationship with long-time boyfriend Calvin Harris had come to an end.

Fans all over the world were mourning the end of what they thought was “The One” for Taylor Swift.

But, as usual, the singer faced criticism for just another relationship of hers coming to an end (side note: everyone has break-ups and surprises; celebs are immune to it both).

Nonetheless, on Saturday night, Taylor (and her best friend Abigail) turned up at a die-hard fan’s wedding and it’s melting our hearts.

Max Singer was completely surprised when Taylor turned up at his wedding to sing an absolutely perfect rendition of “Blank Space”, only with a keyboard.

Turns out, Max’s new wife, Kenya Smith, had actually been planning the surprise for months.

With help from Max’s sister, Ali, the two wrote to Taylor back in April about the death of Max’s mother.

Max and Kenya had, in fact, had a small wedding ceremony in his mother’s hospital room before she passed away, so that she wouldn’t miss one of the most special days of his life.

Before Max’s mum died, the two danced to the 26-year-old’s new hit “Blank Space” in a heart-breaking mother and son dance.

The song had been Max’s ongoing connection to his mother who wasn’t able to see his actual wedding ceremony.

We’re sure Max’s mum would have been smiling from wherever she is.

Scroll through to see some photos from the wedding.