Taylor Swift posted about the Women's March, and let's just say it did not go down well.

Taylor Swift stayed relatively silent on all things political up until Saturday, so when she sent out a tweet of support to the Women’s March movement there was almost bound to be backlash.

The 27-year-old US singer was notably absent from any of the organised marches coinciding with US president Donald Trump’s inauguration at the weekend, but did send a message to those protesting.

“So much love, pride, and respect for those who marched. I’m proud to be a woman today, and every day. #WomensMarch,” Swift wrote.

However, her Twitter followers were not happy with the star’s sudden burst of political activism, calling Swift out for her silence in the lead up to the election.

“As a fan of yours, this is some bullshit. You do not get to pick and choose when feminism benefits you,” one fan wrote.

Another told Swift her actions were too late.

Swift, who describes herself as a feminist, copped criticism last year when she failed to speak out against Trump like so many influential female celebrities had.

The pop star also caused a flurry of media attention with an ambiguous Instagram post that some thought suggested she had voted for Trump, although this was never proven.

Today is the day. Go out and VOTE ????????

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

While many were outraged at Swift for her Tweet, others defended her.

Another argued she was going to condemned either way.

Did you attend a Women’s March at the weekend?

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