Taylor Swift just did the sweetest song dedication for Travis Kelce at the Eras Tour.

The perks of having a singer/songwriter as your girlfriend is that she can mash up her songs in any way she likes to tell your love story. That’s the reality NFL star Travis Kelce is living in after his girlfriend Taylor Swift dedicated a trio of songs to him live on the Eras Tour stage. 

And we have video proof that he was bursting with love watching it.

ICYMI, Swift wrote a series of songs about Kelce on her latest album The Tortured Poets Department including ‘So High School’ and ‘The Alchemy’. She also has a large discography covering the topic of new and exciting love.

During the surprise songs section of her Amsterdam show—where she picks songs from throughout her discography to sing acoustically—Swift began a rendition of her debut album love song ‘Mary’s Song’. 

The song tells the tale of a girl who falls in love with a close friend, a family friend, and their life together from first meeting to ‘rocking their babies’ on the front porch of the house they live in together. It’s a real tearjerker. 


Swift has never played the song on the Eras Tour to date, so it was an exciting time for Swifties to hear the opening chords. But what makes it even cooler, is that there is a lyric in the song that goes, “I’ll be 87 you’ll be 89, I’ll still look at you like the stars that shine in the sky.”

Guess what Travis Kelce’s playing number is in the NFL? 87! What year was Swift born, and has an album named after? 1989? 

The symbolism there is uncanny, and the chances that it could take on a new meaning in reference to her new love is so sweet. 

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However, Swift wasn’t done there. She wanted everyone to know she was singing directly to Travis. 

She mashed up the song with Kelce’s tune ‘So High School’, featuring lyrics like, “I feel so high school every time I look at you.” It’s also a cute reference to Mary’s Song, which is about meeting and falling in love young. 

Then she added another song. She sang some of ‘Everything Has Changed’, which is about realising that you love someone and want to spend your life with them. She sings in the song, “All my days, I'll know your face.”

It was a love song dedication of epic proportions and Kelce was loving it. 

Video of Travis watching the show has since surfaced, with his hand on his heart, swaying along to the words he knows are about him. He even appears to wipe a tear from his eye at one point.


Safe to say, these two are the cutest and they’re melting our hearts too.

Taylor Swift dedicates 'Mary's Song', 'So High School' and 'Everything Has Changed' to Travis Kelce in Amsterdam.

Watch the full performance here. 

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Which songs has Taylor Swift written for Travis Kelce?

Given that Taylor and Travis have been dating for less than a year, fans were pleased to see some songs that appeared to be about Kelce in The Tortured Poets Department. So far Swifties count the following as 'his songs': 

  • The Alchemy
  • So High School
  • Fan theory: The Albatross

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