The conspiracy theory that proves Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are not really in love.

I think it’s important to start by declaring my allegiance to #TeamTaylor.

I jumped on the Swifty bandwagon as soon as I heard the opening bars of Shake It Off and since then I’ve been road tripping with 1989 on repeat, and dreaming of all the ways I can infiltrate her famous ‘girl squad’ and make her by BFF 4 eva.

I’m also #TeamTaylor when it comes to her love life.

I’ve watched in horror as the world has turned on Taylor since splitting with her DJ boyfriend of 15 months, Calvin Harris, and swiftly (sorry) moving on to a new romance with James Bond hopeful – and everybody’s Internet boyfriend – Tom Hiddleston.

To this I say, ‘let a girl love in peace!’ In the words of Taylor’s bestie Selena Gomez, sometimes “the heart wants what it wants”. And maybe Taylor hearts Tom. For real. via GIPHY

But, there’s a part of me that spends way too much time reading anonymous celebrity gossip articles online (everyone has a guilty pleasure, right?) and makes me question whether ANY Hollywood relationship is ever real. There are too many career advantages, too much at stake, for two, high-profile stars to simply stumble into each other’s arms and live happily ever after.
Video via Gage Simmons
Much has been made of the new couple’s perfectly posed paparazzi shots – heck, we even dreamed up this behind-the-scenes conversation between the pair. But, has anyone stopped to think about why Hiddleswift are making such a big, public deal about their relationship, especially when the singer has previously vowed to keep her private life, well, private?

Now, thanks to a clever writer at E! News, we might finally have an answer: maybe T. Swizzle is planning a Beyoncè-style, Lemonade release. A commentary on the media’s obsession with celebrity relationships, if you will. via GIPHY

It might seem far fetched to those who aren’t on board the Hiddleswift relationship train. Luckily, for the cynical celeb spotter among us, there are some hints that a major release is in store:

1. Taylor is due for a new album.

And not just because our iPhones refuse to play anymore Taylor Swift playlists. Swift has released an album every two years for her entire career. And since her last album, 1989, was released way back in 2014, we’re due for a new release any month now…

2. A pre-album single should drop within months.

All of Taylor’s pre-album singles have dropped around August or September. That gives us only a few weeks left to wait to see what she makes of her latest romance in the recording studio.

3. All the pics are from the same paparazzi agency.

Despite the fact that the pair’s cuddling and kissing snaps look awfully posed (alternatively, they could just be extremely photogenic because #ridiculouslygoodlooking), they are all being released by the same photography agency. Considering the pair are jetting around on some kind of romantic world tour (how do we get one of those?), it seems rather peculiar that the same paps keep getting all the exclusive snaps. Is there a deal in place? The pair have also been PDA-ing in all sorts of public areas, but we’re yet to see ANY evidence on their love from fans, or on social media, besides these professional shots. Just sayin’…

There’s a small part of me that wants to believe that Hiddleswift are the real deal and will one day rule Tumblr with ALL OF THE GIFS.

I’m also excited to see this new sneaky, undercover side of Taylor… the Taylor who’s been gallivanting across the world in her private jet shooting an epic visual album that will BLOW ALL OF US AWAY.

Is that too much to ask?

(Side note: come back to Instagram, TayTay. We miss you!)

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