"Taylor Swift saved my life. Now, I'd like to say thank you."


Dear Taylor,

Welcome back to Australia. We’ve been waiting for you.

I’m glad you’re here with Tom, for rest and relaxation. You deserve it.  Congratulations on being the highest earning celebrity  in the world! I hope you’re celebrating right now.

I’m sorry that the  media and the world have put you under such intense scrutiny lately. I know it comes with the territory and you’re brilliant at handling it but  I still, wish people weren’t so quick to judge a situation they know little about.

I’m sorry that everyone focuses on ‘the long list of ex-lovers’.  You deserve happiness and if that’s with Tom, then go for it. You don’t need anyone’s permission. Maybe, eventually the media and all the others who are comfortable to judge might  learn to take it down a notch (:

What they should focus on is your kindness and generosity, the way drove to Brisbane to ease the pain of sick children, how  you show up at people’s weddings to perform a song that the groom and his late mother danced to in a hospital room or the fact that  you stopped at Delaney’s house on your way home for Christmas  to give that beautiful girl one last happy Christmas and her family the memories of a festive season they’ll never forget.

But no  one  does, everyone instead tearing you down for daring to date. You are a successful, powerful woman who is deserving of happiness and no one can take that from you. But you already knew that.

Taylor Swift crashes a fan’s wedding with a magnificent rendition of Blank Space. Post continues after video.


Anyway, the point of my letter is this.

I’m Hannah and I’ve had a love story with you since I was about 7 or 8 (I’m turning 17 this year), thanks to a wise singing teacher who helped me learn Fearless so well I could probably sing that album hanging upside down with a mouthful of marbles.

Of course the hanging upside down part might be a little tricky as  I have this condition called Cerebral Palsy which significantly impacts my gross and fine motor skills.

This means I use a wheelchair to get around and that life has had a few pretty  tough obstacles for me to conquer.

I actually owe you a lot, Taylor. You and your music has been there for me through pretty much everything I’ve ever experienced from the pain of surgeries (Hint: Don’t get your femurs broken, it hurts A LOT even if you can still walk not 24 hours afterwards but that's another story...) to loneliness from friendship troubles over the years.

Let's just say, I've been a lot of lonely places.  People don’t always know what to do or say with someone like me but what can you do? People throw rocks at things that shine, I guess.

You’ve always said that if you are lucky enough to be different, then don’t ever change. Sometimes that can be easier said than done I guess to feel like you’re lucky but you’re right. I am. Life could be so much worse.

But the most important thing you’ve ever taught and reminded me Taylor, is that when I was drowning, that’s when I could finally breathe.

Your Fearless Tour back in February 2010 quite literally saved me from disappearing into a very deep dark hole, one I was quite prepared to NEVER return from. Your music and the people I have met because of you and your music saved me again quite recently. To clarify for those who know me and are reading this, only thoughts never actions.


This is what I wish people would write stories about Taylor. The way you and your music have brought people from all over the world together.

The way you impact, transform and quite literally save people. I’ve had plenty of help over the years from all the right services, a loving family and a brilliant support network, all of whom know how much they mean to me, people who I’ve been able to look in the eye and thank for their unwavering support.

You’re the only person I’ve never gotten to thank.

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It would be all kinds of amazing if I got the opportunity to thank you while you’re here, Taylor.

I know there are millions of people out there who deserve and ultimately need support or happiness from you. I’m not dying or sick and my life isn’t falling apart any more than usual.

There’ll be no bad blood between us if you don’t see this Taylor. And if you do – thank you.

This letter was the only way I could possibly conceive of how to get the girl who is still teaching me what it means to be fearless to notice who I am. I’d be enchanted to meet you, to get the opportunity to tell you I’ve had the time of my life fighting dragons with you.

Who knows?  If this doesn't work, maybe I’ll just write a song for you, haha.

Love Hannah, (a girl who will always be trying to be too busy dancing to get knocked off her feet.)