Taylor Swift performed an unexpected song and her fans weren't happy about it.

In case you missed it, Taylor Swift performed her first – and only – concert of 2016 over the weekend.

The 26-year-old performed during the Formula 1 USGP in Texas… although a more accurate description of the event is that some cars drove around a track during a T-Swizzle concert (how rude).

After singing a stock-standard collection of her biggest hits – New Romantics, Style and Shake It Off among them – the world finally got to hear HER version of the hit song she wrote with her DJ ex Calvin Harris, This Is What You Came For.

"This is what you came for....to hear me sing the song I co-wrote." Image via Getty Images.

(You may remember when Harris went on a Twitter tirade about the hit, revealing that Swift had co-written the track under a Swedish pseudonym).

"As a songwriter, the most rewarding feeling in the world is writing something and then having a crowd sing it back to you, because they know the words," Swift told the 80,000 strong crowd.

"I’ve never played this song live before. But if you know it, maybe you could sing along and then I could get to know what that feels like to have it sung back to me?"

She then launched into a moody, piano version of the hit, usually sung by Rihanna.

But that's not what has her fans talking.

And after a year filled with break-ups, feuds, paparazzi-fuelled romances and conspiracy theories, they've had enough.


Because everyone thought that THIS would finally be the moment that Swift dropped a new album on us.


Her first and last performance of the year - arguably the most tumultuous year for the star in her career - would have been the perfect time for the singer to announce the much-anticipated follow-up to her 1989 album.

Instead we got... an acoustic remix.

Cue the wrath of her most loyal fans:


Of course, you can't blame them for getting their hopes up: in the weeks leading up to her Formula 1 performance, the Internet was flooded with theories as to when a new Swift release would hit our ears.

Swift has released a new album around the same time (i.e. NOW) every two years, so the time was right over the weekend.

Alas, it wasn't to be, and it seems we have to accept that all we have now is a soulful version of Swift singing one of the biggest hits of the year.

There's always tomorrow, right?