Taylor Swift's new dating strategy is unlike anything we've seen her do before.

Taylor Swift, in all her singing, dancing and social media glory, is enveloped by chaos.

Her fans want a piece of her, the media want to know everything about her, and her friends? Well her friends, too, are some of the most famous faces in the world. Their clique – or ‘squad’ as they are more formally known – also leaving a trail of chaos in their wake.

But what’s most interesting in the way Swift’s private life plays out publicly is the way she doesn’t often fight it and sometimes invites it. Her relationships often make their way into the public eye before she’s likely formed her own opinion on the likelihood of that romance lasting.

When Swift and Harry Styles went on their first date together in 2013, the paps were ready, their eagle-eyed, magnified lenses ready to snap.

When Swift and Calvin Harris in embarked on their own year long relationship in 2015, we knew about it within a week or two of happening.

And when Swift and Tom Hiddleston started dating in 2016? Well, surely it wasn’t long enough ago for any of us to forget. Beach? Rocks? Kissing?

If you’ve eyed celebrity news sites in the last week or two, you’d have seen entertainment journalists all but falling over themselves reporting the fact that Swift has a new boyfriend.

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The boyfriend in question  is Joe Alwyn. He is a little-known big time actor from Britain who is currently starring alongside Emma Stone in a film called The Favourite.

Although the relationship itself isn't taking many by surprise - dating across continents and within the entertainment industry is nothing new for the music star - the nature of how the relationship and the way it's playing out is.

Because this time, there's an unlikely and unprecedented veil of privacy draped over the union. Swift has been notably absent from social media - her last post more than a month ago. She's barely been chased by paparazzi, her failure to attend to Met Gala in May prompting many a theory as to where in the world she could be.

Her face hasn't been at award shows, there have been no stories about the tales of her life - public or private. There's been whispers of an album, but nothing she's sought to confirm. Even her squad has evaporated from our intense glare. Taylor Swift has stepped out of the limelight and taken her relationship with her.

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It was only on Friday, after weeks of hushed rumour -  and a vague murmuring of reports they had been dating for months - that the couple were spotted for the first time boarding a private plane. There was no "I love T.S" t-shirt in sight, no sense that this was staged.

Taylor Swift has a new dating strategy. And if the rumours are true, and the couple dated for months before landing on our radar, perhaps this is the kind of strategy that will pay dividends for her privately.