This Taylor Swift parody video might make you want to borrow a library book.

Through the stacks they’re cruisin’…

Much like we never seem to get tired of Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off, we also love a good Tay Swift parody, and they just keep on coming thanks to a little thing I like to call “the Internet”.

It’s the catchy pop song that unites some of the most unusual fans — I think we all remember that dancing police officer. Bless him.

Or this guy: “Thank you, Taylor Swift.” From a 40-year-old dad who hates pop music.

And how could we forget that time the kids did it, when those bearded guys did it and, of course, when Tony Abbott did it (admittedly not of his own volition).

These librarians from the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library are the latest to hop on the Tay train and they are shaking it with the best. Thus proving two things we already knew:

1. Libraries are magical places.

2. EVERYONE loves Taylor Swift.

Check it out, check it out.