Taylor Swift has a "new little shag". Translation: the ultimate post-breakup haircut.

Like millions of women who have come before her, Taylor Swift has finally cemented the end of her relationship with Tom Hiddleston in the only way that truly matters.

She’s gone to the salon and got herself a post-breakup cut ‘n’ colour.

But unlike many a breakup cut, Swift has managed to come out of the salon looking better and chicer than ever. (Of course she has. This is Taylor Swift, after all.)

Hairdresser Gareth Bromell shared the result, a “new little shag with beautiful colour” on Instagram:

Yes, the perfectly styled ashy lob from Bad Blood and the white blonde waved crop from the Met Gala are long gone.


As of late September, it’s all about the shag — or ‘shaglet’ as we prefer to call it — for Taylor Swift

Part 70s shag, part 80s mullet, the shaglet (as we’ve affectionately named it) was created by stylist Garreth Bromell and colourist Tracey Cunningham on Monday, and by pairing a heavy layered bob with straight fringe, it offers Swift a way more playful and carefree look than the usually straighty-180 star generally rocks.

taylor swift haircut

The Taylor Swift haircut of September '16. Source: Gareth Bromell.

"Fun time with this one," Bromell wrote alongside a video and photo of himself with Swift showing off the new look.

And whether it's actually a breakup-related cut or just a woman in her 20s changing things up is kind of irrelevant. Because when it looks as good as this, who cares?

Hiddleswift never, great hair forever.