Taylor Swift was on stage when she made a surprise announcement.

They say all good things must come to an end and that is the case even for super starlets like Taylor Swift

The pop star took to the stage overnight in Liverpool to announce a big change coming in both her professional and personal life. 

No, it's not the rumoured re-record of the Reputation album. We are still waiting on tenterhooks for those queues from the singer. 

Instead, Swift told the crowds in the UK's North when her official Eras Tour, which has sold out worldwide, will finally come to a close. 

When will Taylor Swift's Eras Tour concert end? 

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While on stage at her 100th show in Liverpool, Swift said that the tour would be over at the end of the year. 

It's a crushing piece of news for mega-Swifties who were hoping for another chance to see the starlet perform her 46-song set list. 

"This is the very first time I've ever acknowledged to myself, and admitted, that this tour is going to end in December," she told the crowd. 

"I once used to have hobbies," she joked.

Perhaps the "hobbies" remark references Swift spending most of her time since the concert kicked off in March 2023 on tour. Performing the mega three-hour show for multiple days in a row nearly every weekend is surely taxing. 

Swift went on to thank her fans for showing up and making the Eras Tour what it has been.

"You have done so much to be with us," she continued. "You've made plans so far in advance. You planned what you were going to wear. You memorised lyrics. You got yourself here. You figured out parking. You figured out transportation.

"I want to spend the 100th show just thinking about that and living in that moment and being here with you, and just know I appreciate every single ounce of effort that you put in to be with us when this show reaches triple digits in shows. So thank you!"


Swift then went into a belting rendition of her hit 10-minute song 'All Too Well'.

Lucky for Swifties, the star still has 44 concert dates to go, so you can watch the show on social media live streams for many months to come. 

Currently, Swift's final concert is pegged for December 8, 2024 in Vancouver, just a few days shy of her 35th birthday on December 13. 

Why is the Eras Tour ending in December?

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While we're not sure exactly why Swift's Eras Tour will end in December, there is a widely reported theory online that Swift aims to finish releasing her re-recorded albums by the end of the tour. 

Swifties online are suggesting she means to claim back her Reputation and her name (i.e. album Taylor Swift), and will likely gift the world the album with her name (the debut album) on her birthday. 

"My theory is that Taylor Swift is going to release debut tv on her 35th birthday. Seriously, what better gift to herself than to release her last re-recording, her baby. It would be absolutely perfect," one Swiftie wrote on Threads. 

Another fan commented that her birthday, December 13, is also a Friday, which is the day Swift always releases her albums on. 

"Friday the 13th, it's all set up for her," they wrote. 

Of course, many think the Reputation album will come first, with all sorts of theories burgeoning online about when that will happen. 

For now, we'll steer clear of the online clowning, and wait with bated breath to see what Taylor has in store to release before the end of her tour. 

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