Taylor Swift shows her support for Kesha in a huge way.

Taylor Swift is the latest performer to come out in support of Kesha, in her ongoing legal battle.

Over the weekend, a court ruled that popstar Kesha Rose Sebert would remain contractually tied to her music producer and alleged abuser, Luke Gottwalk.

Despite Kesha’s testimony, citing sexual, physical and emotional abuse suffered in the hands of the Sony producer, the judge ruled that the 28-year-old singer would not be exempt from her contractual obligations to Gottalk. The judge wanted to do “the commercially reasonable thing”.

Since the ruling, which left Kesha sobbing and clinging to her mother, several female musicians have made public statements sharing their solidarity with the Tik-Tok singer.

Now, pop icon Taylor Swift has shown her support in a huge way. It’s an incredible message of strength and support to Kesha, and indeed young performers everywhere. A spokesperson for camp-Swift confirmed to E! News, “Taylor Swift has donated $250,000 to Kesha to help with any of her financial needs during this trying time.”

Just two weeks before her court date, a video of Kesha singing Amazing Grace went viral online. You can watch a snippet of it below. Post continues after video…

Video via CNN

Kesha’s mum took to Twitter, sharing her gratitude for Swift’s generosity. “Taylor Swift has just generously donated $250,000. to Kesha, as a show of support during this difficult time. AMAZING!!” she said.

“A persons wealth is not measured by what they have but by WHO they they help with it,” she later wrote. “And Taylor Swift is… a truly RICH PERSON. Thank you.”