Taylor Swift is taking a break from music and we're all devastated.

Taylor Swift wants to learn how to save lives, and make cocktails, in that order, and she plans to achieve both during her time off from the music industry that begins…now!

Swift has been working non-stop for 10 years straight making music, touring and collecting numerous awards and now that her “1989” world tour has wrapped up she’s planning to relax for the first time in a long time.

She told Vogue magazine, “This is the first time in 10 years that I haven’t known [what’s next]. I just decided that after the past year, with all of the unbelievable things that happened. I decided I was going to live my life a little bit without the pressure on myself to create something.”

Taylor Swift has walked her fair share of red carpets over the past 10 years. Here she is at the 2016 Grammy Awards. Post continues after video… 

Her short-term goals are to learn CPR and how to make cocktails.

“I would really like to take a little time to learn things,” Swift explained. “I have lots of short-term goals. I do things like this. I got it in my head that I couldn’t do a split, and I was really upset about it. And so I stretched every single day for a year until I could do a split. Somehow I feel better knowing that I can.”

Taylor Swift at the iHeartRadio Music Awards on April 3 2016 in California. Image: Getty

We get it. Who among us doesn't have something we've always wanted to learn? I've always wanted to learn how to speak proper Italian and how to knit something other than a scarf, for example. I've downloaded the Learning Italian app and bought all the wool, now I just to figure out how to afford to take an extended break from work (not that I want to, Team Mamamia!).

A quick survey of the Mamamia office revealed quite a few short-term goals, some more realistic than others...

Cooking. Like, proper cooking. - Kahla

Carpentry. Random but it’s a dream of mine. - Nia

Gardening and floristry. #nana Painting too. - Edwina

I've always wanted to learn how to tap dance like Fred Astaire, maybe not exact like him but close. - Paula

How to fly a plane. - Holly

Gymnastics. - Kate

Proper sewing so I'd be able to make clothes and cooking. - Brittany

Devastated Taylor Swift fans can take comfort in the fact that Swift still plans to make music and hasn't ruled out returning to the studio sooner than expected.

"I’m always going to be writing songs," she told Vogue. "The thing is, with me, I could very well come up with three things in the next two weeks and then jump back into the studio, and all of a sudden the next record is started. That’s an option, too.”

To learn CPR like Taylor Swift contact St. John Ambulance AustraliaTo learn how to make cocktails like Taylor Swift check out our "Easy, cheap and delicious cocktails with one base ingredient."

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