One woman's brilliant tattoo is more than a piece of art, it's a necessity.

Elisa Menzel from Berlin has shared a photograph of her incredible tattoo online, garnering support and admiration from several users of popular image sharing site, Imgur.

Menzel, who is deaf in her left ear, explains that she hopes the tattoo will serve as a friendly reminder to others that she is deaf in that ear.

The tattoo features a muted speaker on the left-hand side of her neck. Her photo has now gone viral with more than 2.7 million views.

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Talking to ABC News, Menzel said, “When I spoke to people and didn’t understand what they said, they [would] sarcastically ask whether I was deaf. Every time I said ‘Yes I am!’ and [I] looked into confused faces.

“I became tired of those questions and thought about a way to caution them. So I got the tattoo and it worked,” she explained.

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She has also shared encouraging advice to another user who is experiencing hearing difficulties.

“Don’t worry. I know — it sucks so bad, but eventually you’ll get used to it and it will be a tiny little thing that is a part of you,” Menzel said.

The comments have been largely inspired and encouraging, with plenty of support coming in from the deaf community.

“As someone else who’s deaf in one ear (left side too!), I’m totally stealing your idea!” One user wrote.