Getting a tattoo? Don't screw it up like these idiots.

Look. If you’re going to get a tattoo, just don’t fuck it up.

There have been many points in my young life when I’ve considered getting a tattoo. As fond as I am of Lisa Simpson’s expressionless face though, I haven’t yet committed to having it permanently inked into my flesh. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I won’t do it, or that I think tattooing a character from popular culture onto your body isn’t a fantastic idea (it is, der), it’s just that I need to think about it a little bit longer. Because the thing about tattoos? They’re for life.

Going ahead with it? 10 things not to do when you get a tattoo.

Which is something that people seem to constantly forget. I’m not saying don’t get a dumb tattoo on a whim (the guy who tattooed “The Dress” on himself certainly won’t be regretting that, amirite?), I’m just saying if you do decide to throw yourself under the needle, maybe try not to fuck it up?

Truly, timeless.

As these poor souls are now painfully aware, tattoo guns don’t have spell check or a backspace button. If you get it wrong, that’s it. FOREVER.

May these ridiculous tattoo fails be an amusing lesson to us all.

So what have we learned? If you can’t spell it, don’t get it tattooed on your body forever. Simple, really.

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