The internet's best reactions to Tasty Toobs being discontinued.

Ah, Tasty Toobs.

Kinda like the Turkish Delight of the Chips aisle, Tasty Toobs are the snack that you would eat if they were in front of you, but you’re not about to buy them ahead of Doritos or a box of Pizza Shapes. They’re like the yellow Starburst, the liquorice jellybean, the bra that never quite makes it out of your underwear drawer.

They’re basically a ‘Participation Award’ in snack form, and they’ve been mysteriously absent from our supermarket shelves recently.

And you didn’t even notice, did you? For. Shame.

One Toob fan by the name of Russell Hayter emailed Smith’s Snackfood Company to see where the hell his Tasty Toobs were, and when they were coming back. Their response revealed a profound loss.

Tasty Toobs are gone. Forever.

But if Smith’s thought that their mediocre “tangy, tomatoey treat” was just going to go away without a little noise, THEY WERE WRONG.

The Toob fans of the internet are not happy. They are not happy at all. One goes as far to tell Smith’s Chips that they “have single handedly destroyed the hopes oh my future grandchildren”. Which is pretty harsh, but also 100% accurate and totally fair.

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For those struggling with the news, you can connect with fellow Toob lovers at the official ‘Bring Back Tasty Toobs‘ Facebook Page.

Goodbye, you weird-tasting, odd-smelling snack. We will miss you. Kind of.

Will you be missing Tasty Toobs?