Streepfood: the wacky Instagram account giving us a 'Taste of Meryl Streep'.

The internet is a bizarre place.

As much as it’s handy (hello online shopping), when you find yourself in the deep, dark corners of the web, or falling down a spiral of Youtube videos, it’s hard to pull yourself out.

Yet nothing prepared us for this.

Three-time Oscar winner, Meryl Streep, in what could possibly be her greatest role ever, has been morphed into food and featured on Instagram account, ‘Taste of Streep‘.

The account, which began several weeks ago and has accumulated over 30 thousand followers, posts images almost daily with Streep in some sort of food tryst.

Click through the gallery below for some more stellar images.

Now all we need are t-shirts and posters and we’re set.

Thanks internet, that’s enough for today.