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There's a creepy way to find out if your house is haunted.

Do you ever get the feeling that your house might be haunted?

A new video from the Tasmanian Magic Project might help you discover the hidden history of your home.

According to video, secret ‘witch marks’ or ritual magic objects to ward off evil may have lain concealed in your home, undiscovered for decades.

The marks were deliberately concealed under floorboards, in roofs and chimneys, and they were placed there by ordinary people gripped by fear, who believed there was an invisible evil lurking in their homes.

Some of the marks may look like candle burns or scratches, while others may look like elaborate hexafoils, which look like circular daisy chains.

According to the Tasmanian Magic Project, concealed objects including shoes and garments have been found in houses and other buildings in many locations throughout Tasmania.

Apotropaic marks have been found at Shene, Pontville, at Woodbury, Antill Ponds, at Redlands, Plenty, in the Courthouse at Richmond, at the former Rose and Crown Inn at Lewisham, at Dysart and Lonsdale at Kempton, and at Narynna, Battery Point, Hobart. Marks found to date include hexafoils, merels, a consecration cross, concentric circles and burn marks.

Numerous caches of concealed shoes and other objects have been found throughout Tasmania. The most notable discovery, that of 39 concealed shoes and a variety of other objects, occurred at Woodbury, north of Oatlands.

It’s important to note that all of the houses hiding these marks were built before 1935, and they hide a terrible secret held by the early Australian settlers.

You see, when death and destruction came into their lives, the early settlers blamed it on unseen evil spirits and witches which crossed over from the underworld.


But the discoveries haven’t been limited to Tasmania.

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Newcastle University historian Ian Evans, who started the Tasmanian Magic Project, hopes the video will raise awareness of these marks and the secret history of magic in 19th century Australia.

According to, Dr Evans began his discovery of ritual magic practices, when he found a child’s ankle boot shoe and a woman’s lace collar in a 1830s house in Sydney’s Dawes Point.

The objects dated from before 1850, when “belief in magic and the supernatural was still rife”.

Dr Evans has also found a tradesman’s boot in a house in the NSW town of Mudgee.

Apparently builders or tradesman would conceal objects during construction to ward off spirits for the new owners.

“For convicts or settlers coming to Australia in the 19th century it must have seemed a very frightening place,” he told

Dr Evans explained that the early settler’s used folk magic to comfort themselves, after they were torn from their homes and families and transported to a strange land over the other side of the world.

“They were doing the equivalent of going to the other side of the moon and they needed comfort against a foreign world from which they knew they would never be returning home.”

If you find any hidden marks or objects in your house, you can contact Dr Evans on the Tasmanian Magic Project Facebook page.