Whooping cough alert issued for babies in southern Tasmania, treatment offered.

A whooping cough alert has been issued for babies in southern Tasmania suspected of coming into contact with a health worker who may have had the condition.

Health authorities are contacting parents of babies who may have been exposed.

Parents are being asked to bring their babies into a specialist clinic for a treatment of antibiotics to prevent illness.

The healthcare worker worked at Royal Hobart Hospital, Hobart Private Hospital and Calvary Lenah Valley Hospital during late December and January.

Acting director of Public Health Dr Mark Veitch said the worker was unaware at the time they may have been infectious with whopping cough.

“The babies they were in contact with have been identified and Public Health Services is working with the hospitals and contacting the parents of each of these babies,” Dr Veitch said.

No babies have been identified with having the illness which is considered rare in Tasmania.

Whooping cough is spread when an infected person coughs and spreads their germs.

“The time from contact with whooping cough to becoming ill is usually seven to 10 days but it could be up to three weeks,” Dr Veitch said.

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