MKR forgot about an entire state this season, and the people aren't happy.

I have a quick question for My Kitchen Rules:

What about Tasmania?!

Remember that little triangle-shaped piece of land south of Victoria? Does that ring any bells? Because with a total of 18 teams handpicked from around Australia, poor lil’ Tassie has been left out YET. AGAIN.

Seriously – did they forget Tasmania was a state and therefore an integral part of our great country, or did they just think none of us would notice its absence from your lengthy lineup of contestants?

Watch the below snippet to see what’s in store this week. Post continues after video…

Video via Channel 7

Because despite all of the furore and scandal about poorly cooked meats and mediocre desserts, the people noticed, guys. Oh, did they notice.

There’s no better way to put it: The Tasmanians are not happy. I’m seeing a lot of capitalisation, a few swear words and more than a few exclamation marks.

I know, Deb. I know.

Others are less rage-filled, but asking the same question nonetheless.

tasmania mkr2

I must say, I feel for the Tassie folk. I feel their lonely, forgotten pain deep in my soul.

Now look, it is possible that Tasmania just didn’t have anyone ‘suitable’ apply to be on the show. Channel 7 did open up casting to the Tasmanian public. So… maybe 2016 wasn’t to be for our Tassie?

Regardless, I’m 99.3% sure the entire population of Tasmania (a cool half a million humans) are singing one song in unison right now.

They’re singing ‘What About Me’ by none other than Shannon Noll. Because this isn’t fair. Tassie’s had enough, now they wan’t their share. Can’t you see? Tassie wants to live, but we just take more than we give.

We haven’t forgotten about you, Tassie!

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